Principal Software Engineer

LOCATION: Pakistan

Required Skills: 

  • Strong working knowledge of software Architecture, development and methodologies
  • Strong knowledge of: 
    • ROR
    • Serverless
    • Angular
    • MongoDB
    • PostgresSQL
    • Redis
    • ElastiCache
    • Background job processing
  • Simultaneously managing several databases and reporting tools.
  • Knowledge of modern web development frameworks and tools.
  • Provide guidance to other team members on web development issues.
  • Making recommendations towards the development of new code or reuse of existing code.
  • Collaborating to form firm view of quality metrics and expectations for the delivery.
  • Providing progress reports to management and other affected stakeholders.
  • Effectively read, digest, and make recommendations on the code of fellow team members.
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs and devise elegant solutions. 
  • Make strategic technical decisions related to new features or standards. Write end-to-end and unit tests. 


 - Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred 

 - 5 plus years’ experience 

 - Works well under pressure

 - Capable to handle multiple tasks with good time management skills

 - Excellent Project Management Skills

 - Empathy for others



- 21 annual leave 

- Join an international team, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and Amsterdam 

- Possible Equity Options

- Ability to flex working from home and office

If interested, please send your CV to careers@techsembly.com



“I love that we have such a diverse team from around the globe. It makes every day interesting”

Flexibility, a great company culture with an amazing product to grow and deliver to market. Dynamic Leadership and team that shares mutual goals and interests providing the opportunity to make a difference !